Made here in Ontario by our premium poly furniture builder These are a counter height set so it sits about 5 inches higher than a typical dining/patio set to allow you to see over a railing or other obstruction or just for the enjoyment of sitting a bit higher. Bistro chairs are reclined in more of a relaxed position compared to those of a dining chair. Available in standard as well as natural finishes. Table selection is as follows. Optional Umbrella system available for $40 extra

Bistro Chairs $469 each
model #BT bistro table 34″ x 36″ x 36.5″ high $749

model # bistro table 40″ x 40″ x 36.5″ high $949

model #6BT 6ft bistro table 34″ wide x71″ long x 36.5″ high $1599

model #6BT 6ft bistro table deluxe 40″ wide x 71″ long x 36.5 high $1779

8ft tables; please inquire