Well once again we are into a covid lockdown much like we were in the Spring. We are however able to offer curbside service this time around. As you may know if you have visited us before we have all our displays and furniture outside to allow proper social distancing and browsing without breaking covid rules. Open 7 days a week please give us a call or if you feel more comfortable you can make an appointment. Cheers, and stay safe! Tammy and Darryl

The big March storm down in Texas has created quite the spike in plastic resin pricing pushing it to an all time high; doubling or more overnight. This has caused an increase of 18-25% in raw HDPE material in which we use to build our furniture. We have attempted to minimize price increases but we are at the mercy of the market and have no choice but to accept this surcharge. It is a day to day thing of which we are watching closely. It will definitely mean a tight supply of material as well as a shortage of some colours and styles.

Demand for our product continues to outstrip our inventory and supply chain and lead times are getting longer as we get closer to the season. If you have a particular style or colour in mind then the earlier you can let us know the better to avoid disappointment once the warmer weather gets here.

We hope all is well as we weather yet another storm.

Tammy and Darryl


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